A glass windowA glass window

Today decorations of glass are in a fashion because it allows you to decorate interior in any style and it’s not dangerous anymore. A stained glass window can be a powerful tool in the hands of the designer – although it could be expensive.

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A powerful tool

Today, when we talk about the glass in the interior of our living rooms, we don’t have to think about something heavy and greenish. In addition, it is not dangerous now. Earlier, glass is used to be easy to break! But if you have children or animals at home?

In fact the glass is a powerful tool in the hands of the designer, such as light for example. Even a glass window can be more than just a window.


A stained glass windowThe most expensive decoration of glass - is the stained glass. A stained glass window or a door are extremely expensive, and both glass and installation, which will be taken as a certain percentage (30%) of the value of stained glass.

But, oddly enough, a large stained glass pattern - rather negative moment. Why so? Because it is only good for what it was invented: for large halls, church windows and ceremonial places. In addition, we must not forget that the stained glass will reduce light transmission and can greatly darken the room.

As you can see, now stained glass is used quite often. As the insert fragment. It looks great pane of stained glass. Or part of the door. Or part of the mirror in the bathroom. It is a good for a niche backlit or simply on a wall (also backlit). For example, one such fragment may completely zone your room. Look, if you use in a right way your a niche + a stained glass + a backlit, it can to allocate a part of your wall or a corner of the room. Then you can use it as you wish: from a place with your beautiful sets, jewelry, figurines, (I mean an analog of the museum), to the work room or even the children's "zone."

In recent years, the glass doors as a matte, embossed and with drawings like "the stained-glass window" began quite fashionable things.

It’s often to make a glass partition in the room. Moreover, masters make them with the help of many types of the glass: from the stained glass window to glass bricks, and they can be colored and flat out better than tiles. You can have a fully glass wall or a partition in the bathroom (of course, preserving its opacity, there are many variants of matt glass set).

A stained glass windowAnd do not forget that the glass is easy to clean and it is not afraid of chemical means (if the paint is done "right" and it is not simply brushed on its top). Besides its thermal insulation properties (especially hollow glass) are some of the best and its transparent partition does not cover the full flood of light.

In fashion

Today staircase with glass steps are in a fashion.

In short, now the glass allows your fantasy turns virtually without restrictions and to receive the original fragment or to decorate everything in any style - from classic to hi-tech.

There is only one thing that you need to remember - the glass is a heavyweight material and requires an appropriate hardware or support. And what about the fragility of glass, you may look for the special glasses, which have a high strength. Besides, in case of a crash, such glasses will come to beats, to a lot of chips, without any sharp fragments (chips will not hurt a human or animal).