Removing paint from glass

Removing paint from glassYou can create unique products with stained glass and quickly remove paint from glass in case of mistakes. It is recommended to freeze stained glass before removing paint from glass, and then the patterns usually are peeling on their own.

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Beautiful pictures

With a help of the stained glass paints you can create a variety of unique products at home - from children's handicrafts to paintings on transparent glass. With the light passing through your vivid pictures, you can feel the impression of the ancient mosaic technique of stained glass. The advantage of this decoration is not only in its decorative effect, but also in practicality - in case of necessity, the dye can be removed from any surface.


Remove paint from glassToday's article on this topic. There are many options, but the best advice how to remove it right here. Why do people remove paint from glass? If you are tired of a picture or during painting, you have a mistake and want it to be redrawn. So, what you need for removing paint from glass.

  • Any glass cleaner;
  • Some ice (or may be freezer);
  • Sharp knife (Be careful with it!);
  • Soap solution;
  • A sponge (without any pants);
  • Some newspaper or a viscose cloth;
  • Solvent (petroleum fraction, etc.);
  • Wool;
  • Stain remover for clothes (if it is necessary).

One of the common techniques of modern interior decoration - the creation of transparent stained-glass ornaments on glass and other smooth surfaces. When the special paint is fully dried, it forms a sticky membrane image, which you can repeatedly re-stick. If you want to remove the old image on the stained-glass window, just try to unstick the edge of the picture and remove the painted membrane.

It is recommended to freeze stained glass with the help of ice cubes in a plastic bag, to break the strong grip of the stickers. Before cleaning, you can briefly put a small decorated items (glasses, vases, etc.) in the freezer. After this procedure, elements of the pattern usually are peeling on their own - just hook them with a knife.

Remove the remaining traces of the dye with any glass cleaner. Then the surface should be polished up with newspaper or a special cloth made of viscose.

Remove paint from glassIf you cannot peel paints from the glass, try to wash it. For choosing the best method of cleaning, examine the composition of the decorative material. Water-based dye can quickly scrubbed with a foam sponge: Firstly, liberally moisten it with a soap solution, then - with clean water.

Drawings on glass are also can be created with a mix of different colors and synthetic solvents. In this case, you need to buy a special composition for the purification of the series of stained-glass colors. If you cannot find it in the store, use improvised cleaners. Most of the dyes of this kind can be nicely removed with acetone, alcohol and quick drying petroleum.

Some helpful advices

That brushes and clothes, you worked with stained glass paint, you can clean the same way. The water-soluble dirt can be washed off or rinse under warm running water. The synthetic-based dyes can be removed with a solvent. Filthy garments can be washed with a stain remover, suitable for this fabric.