Glass craft ideas

Stained glass craft ideas

Stained glass craft is a wonderful art for creation unique and expensive decorations for any interior design from classic to Hi-tech. There are many glass craft ideas how to use stained glass in harmony with the interior style and color.

  1. From classic
  2. To Hi-tech

From classic

Stained glass craft is an interesting art, which may be with any style of interior - from classic to Hi-tech. There are many stained glass craft ideas.

For example, the stained-glass window can solve the problem of a dark hallway or hall, where one or more doors. A well-chosen color and transparency of the stained-glass doors in combination with light wallpaper will make the hall bright and comfortable. When the stained glass delineates the room as a partition or wall, it can create the illusion of a new space, even in a small room. And if your interior lamp is a colored one, instead of the usual ceiling above the head you may have a "starry sky".

Glass craft ideasThe main thing - to keep the basic rule: stained glass should be combined with the interior style and color.

If you have a completely glazed wall, it increases the actual dimensions of the room and you will have an abundant sunshine that is more suitable for a large common living room.

The window in the form of a narrow vertical opening visually make the room more narrow; it can be as a door opening to the terrace, but the window does not provide sufficient illumination.

The window in the form of a narrow belt in the middle of a light wall makes an impression of a quite big room, with enough sunlight in your room; it creates a feeling of isolation and is suitable for design of any room.

To Hi-tech

The latest glass technology have greatly expanded possibilities of use of stained glass. It can be a good moment to imagine some glass craft ideas.

Glass craft ideasBut mostly, people order the stained glass windows instead of doors or something else. The image on your window can completely change the situation and open to your eyes not a boring industrial landscape that evokes nostalgia through simple windows, but a boundless expanse with mountain range on the horizon. Moreover, stained glass window can be made of multiple glaze unit, but all features and benefits of modern glazing is reserved. Quite often, people order the portraits, caricatures, images on the mirrors. All these are quite realistic pictures.

Nowadays masters have the same principles as it was in the old days: everything for the customer, for all their comfort. They offer their ready sketches or working on that brings the customer or architect, author of the design project. After a painstaking work with the customer, the designer creates something really excellent, catchy and unique. As experts say, if the customer starts to order the stained glass window for his the house, an appetite will come with it. In the end - he (the customer) will be on the winning side.

Stained glass as a piece of art is unique and expensive thing - both literally and figuratively meanings. A real work of art, which can be passed down to your grandchildren, it can create only a true artist. Ordering stained glass and discussing with the master about a style and color, you should keep in mind that between the sketch and the end result is a significant difference.

Stained-glass window will not pass unheeded and it takes the banality off the ordinary apartment’s interior or office.