Stained glass window hanging panel

Stained glass hanging panelStained glass hanging panel could be very stylish and trendy decoration of your interior. You may also hang at any convenient space small stained glass hangers which are always pleasant to the eye of your guests, and especially children.

  1. Magic thing
  2. Handiwork
  3. Fairy Kingdom

Magic thing

Everybody wants to decorate their house, and may be you can remember such situations when you liked some beautiful and magical things, but they did not go with your interior, not suitable for the color scheme, by category, size etc... However, in every home we have a window! Just at this window, you can hang a lot of movable elements, and they can be completely different in color, size, and style (they are called "mobile" or "suncatcher\light catcher"). Such stained glass hangers was invented a long time ago, and always pleasing to the eye all the guests and especially children. But of course it's not only for children fun. Stained glass hanging panel can be very stylish and trendy decoration of the house. When you want to decorate your home with a large stained glass, such as windows or to use a stained glass in the furniture, you need to be careful; in cause of, they can visually narrow your space. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it in small rooms. In our case, the stained glass window hangers are little stained glass objects that created to decorate any room.


Stained glass hangers

Stained glass hanger - is a small stained-glass items that can be hung in the interior and at any convenient space. Due to the varied textures of stained glass (in the Tiffany technology) and the sunlight that strikes the glass, these hangers look good and funny in window openings. Moreover, these handiworks can decorate the ceiling (butterflies, birds, angels, dragonflies, stars, the sun, the moon etc). If there's some space on the walls in the rooms, the nursery, the bathroom, the kitchen - stained glass hangers will be a highlight, it will turns the attention of the guests, it will be a delight for the eye with its richness of colors and flickering light at the edges of the glass.

Stained glass hanging panel’s function in the interior is a decorating the space – this objects are reminiscent of stained glass paintings and panels, but the hanger is usually smaller in size and have the pattern’s shape that repeating itself. Suncatchers can be made in Tiffany technology, with film vitrage or special paints, with the help of the art of glass matting, bevel vitray, mosaic art, fusing.

Stained glass window hangers

Fairy Kingdom

They will create their little dreamlike space where the angel can be friends with the fish or the bee and the sea horse can fly with the bird of happiness. The sun's rays passing through the colored glass create an amazing splendor of color highlights. Creating a fairy kingdom on the window will brings a lot of joy to children and parents, and it always will be a source of pride. The color chord of any stained glass hangers can be chosen in advance. It is also possible to produce any desired thing: from a flower to a truck.