Types of sliding window panes

Types of sliding windowTypes of windows panes widely varies by material, functions, configuration and the way of opening. If you want to choose the sliding window types, of course you may design your own special style that will be convenient particularly for you.

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Window pane

Nowadays you can afford any types of window, sizes and it can be made of all materials. It may be plastic, wood, aluminum, metal-plastic windows, including a variety of glass units. Let's see, what is the difference.

Types of windows panes by material the basic materials of the window are:

  • Wood (the most obvious material, but expensive option for today);
  • Plastic (PVC);
  • Aluminium (mainly used in public buildings and industry);
  • Metal-plastic (used a reinforcing amplifier).


Types of window panesClassification of the windows in the direction of opening

Besides fixed type of window, there are many others. Depending on the way of opening the window pane types are classified as:

  • Casement type (can be opened inwards or outwards);
  • Hopper type (open at the top);
  • Awning type (open at the bottom);
  • Vertical pivot type (open on the left or right side, the one-half of the pane of window opens outwards, another - inwards);
  • Horizontal pivot type (similar previous method, only the lower half opens outwards while the top opens inwards);
  • Sliding type (windows are moved by sliding the sash within the plane of the window);
  • Folding type (the glazed elements are folded to the in - or outside of a wall by use of a rail.);
  • Hung type (the sash moves up and down).

What’s more.

Tilt & turn type - Casement and hopper types windows are often combined in a single system to make it convenient to choose which way to open the window, depending on the needs of the owner (i.e. you can use a hopper method for easy ventilation, and you can open it for maximum ventilation with casement type).

Tilt & sliding type – the same meaning that was mentioned above, but here with the sliding type.

You can order French windows (casement type) so that one wing opens outward and the other inward. In this case, the closed window has a narrow partition, expanding the light window space, and allows to get rid of when you open the partition.

Window pane typesIf you want to choose the sliding window types, you should know that there is four styles of it.

  • Single slider
  • Double tilt slider
  • Double lift slider
  • Three-lite end vent slider

This are general types of sliding window, and of course, you can imagine your own special style that will be convenient only for you.

Types of window’s configuration

Depending on the size and characteristics of architectural solutions, window may have different configurations:

  • Rectangular (can be horizontal and vertical, single, double, three-sided, and so on);
  • Triangular;
  • Round;
  • Trapezoid;
  • Arched;
  • As well as any combination with the above types.


Sliding window typesThe window may have a different value for the room, that’s why they are classified to the respective kinds:

  • Antinoise (soundproof). There may be thickened glass, as well as additional coverage for them to absorb or reflect sound.
  • Energy-saving (inner side is covered by silver atoms which produce reflections, with heat insulation as a result).
  • Shockproof (in the production of glass lamination takes a special resin).
  • Semi-bright window (have a reflex glass, which reflect the sun's rays).
  • Tinted window (glass covered with a special component that absorbs the sun's rays).